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Kubik Fine Books Owen D. KubikLtd regularly offers a full suite of appraisal and evaluation services as part of our business. A fee is charged for all appraisals and evaluations. Please note items may or may not be valued at or above the cost of the evaluation/appraisal. The service is independent of the item's value and we cannot advise you as to whether an item is of sufficient value to warrant paying for the service. Because of the potential conflict of interest, we do not purchase items which we evaluate or appraise. Appraisals and evaluations are by appointment only. 


Do you need an evaluation or an appraisal?


An evaluation is a general estimate of value based on information you provide. It is not a formal service and does not include official documentation. An informal evaluation is recommended for those seeking basic knowledge about books of uncertain value. It can help you to make an informed decision about what to do next with your books. 


The minimum fee for an evaluation is $20. You would need to send photos of the items, then we would respond by email with the estimated value of each item. Payment is made in advance at our website here:


Appraisals are a professional service used to meet specific needs. We establish and document the fair market value of your books and attest to it on a formal, written document. These documents take time and research to prepare and carry a responsibility with them, so fees for formal appraisals start at $150/hour. 

We generally don't recommend appraisals for someone who is curious about the value of an old book or two which they found. Most books are just used books and are not worth the cost of an appraisal.

We do recommend appraisals for specific professional needs such as:

  • Insurance (including loss claims)
  • Charitable donations for tax purposes
  • Probate court

Owen D. Kubik handles our appraisal services. He has wide experience with all sorts of appraisals and has performed them for numerous libraries and museums, as well as for many court cases. He has appeared as an expert witness in both local and Federal court. He is a member of the Antiquarian Booksellers Association of America (ABAA) which is the nation’s leading trade organization for rare/antique booksellers and appraisers. Kubik has attended various appraisal seminars by IRS agents and successfully completed USPAP coursework for both Personal Property Appraisals and Rare Book Appraisals offered by the International Society of Appraisers and the Appraisers Association of America.

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