Owen D. Kubik offers a full suite of appraisal services to help solve the problems caused by owning books!

Appraisals are a professional service, generally used to meet specific needs. We establish and document the fair market value of books and attest to it on a formal, written document. These documents take time to prepare and carry a responsibility with them so fees are charged on all appraisals. The fee is based on our estimate of the time needed to research and prepare the documents and our independent of the value of the items. 

We generally don't recommend appraisals for someone who is just curious about the value of an old book or two which they found. Most books are just used books and not worth the cost of an appraisal.

We do recommend appraisals for specific professional needs such as:

1. Insurance (including loss claims)

2. Charitable donations for tax purposes.

3. Probate court

Kubik has wide experience with all sorts of appraisals and has performed them for numerous libraries and museums along with many court cases. He has appeared as an expert witness in various courts, both local and Federal.

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