About Us

The Kubik Team enjoys a break at our local ice cream parlor
Owen Kubik

Kubik Fine Books Ltd is a full-service antiquarian bookstore offering rare, collectible, and vintage books in all fields. We have one of the largest inventories in North America of vintage books on Roman Catholic history and theology. We also carry a substantial inventory of quality books on history, military history, literature, and general rare books.


Owen Kubik offers appraisals on books of all types for insurance purposes, probate court, the IRS, and similar professional needs. Please note fees are charged on all appraisals and we are unable to offer any valuations or guidance by phone or email. Kubik has been performing appraisals for three decades and has numerous institutional clients across the country.

Company History

Kubik Fine Books Ltd is based in Dayton, Ohio, and was established in 1985. The company is owned and managed by Owen D. Kubik and is an accredited member of the ABAA (Antiquarian Booksellers Association of America) and the ILAB (International League of Antiquarian Booksellers). As such, we are pledged to the highest standards of ethics and professional behavior. At age 53, Kubik is a former President of the Midwest Chapter of the ABAA and sees himself as a bridge between the older generation of traditional pre-internet booksellers and the younger post-internet generation of booksellers.

Kubik Team in Miami with our good friend Clifford
Baltimore Book Festival
New York Antiquarian Book Fair

The Kubik Team on the Road

In addition to buying and selling books on-line and at our brick-and-mortar shop, the Kubik Team ventures out to exhibit at book shows and festivals across the country.  These range from street festivals where we bring vintage classics to the New York Antiquarian Book Fair where we showcase our finest material.

Our Beliefs

Kubik Fine Books Ltd offers professional, ethical, and honorable service to all of our clients. We respect our customers as individuals and try to provide quality books and personal service at a fair price. Kubik Fine Books Ltd is a Catholic company and we try to run our business in accord with the social teachings of the Roman Catholic Church. To this end, we respect the privacy and dignity of our customers at all times.

When not dealing with books, Kubik enjoys spending time with his family outdoors hiking and horseback riding.

Hiking with Bridget, our Director of Security
Horseback riding on a snowy Ohio day