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A unique destination for vintage and rare books from $5 to $50,000!

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Kubik Fine Books Ltd. is a unique blend of neighborhood used bookstore and full-service antiquarian bookstore. We aim to make book collecting accessible to clients of various ages, interests, and budgets. We have thousands of books in our inventory, from good reading copies for a few dollars to rare tomes worth thousands…not to mention DVDs, vintage magazines, and vinyl as well! We’re one of the only bookstores where serious collectors and local families shop side-by-side, and we love that our store brings people together through a shared love of books. Whether you’ve been collecting for years or are just curious to learn what a first edition really is, our friendly and professional team members are ready to guide you. 

We offer used, rare, collectible, and vintage books in all fields. Our specialty is Catholic books and we have one of the largest selections of used Catholic books for sale in North America. 

Our hardworking team is always adding new inventory to our shelves and creating fun, themed displays for different seasons and holidays. You can also check out one of the several community events we co-host with neighboring businesses each year! We’re thrilled to be part of a thriving small business community on Park Avenue – stop by whenever you’re in the area!

Our Team


Kubik Fine Books Ltd is based in Dayton, Ohio. Owen D. Kubik started the company in 1985 by selling his personal comic book collection and putting the funds toward his first major acquisition!  Today, he is an accredited member of the ABAA (Antiquarian Booksellers Association of America) and the ILAB (International League of Antiquarian Booksellers). Kubik, a former President of the Midwest Chapter of the ABAA, entered the book trade before the internet era and still practices traditional methods of bookselling while adapting to do business in the modern market as well.

The Kubik Books team has grown to include several additional members, who all share Kubik’s commitment to bringing you quality books and excellent service. Together, the team catalogs, organizes, and ships books, arranges for special events, runs the store’s social media pages, and travels on buying trips! All Kubik Books workers receive training on the various collectible attributes of fine books, and on how to properly handle rare and fragile books. As book-lovers themselves, they are happy to make personalized recommendations to clients. 

Our Values

We pledge to offer the highest standard of ethical and professional service to all clients, whether they are casual walk-ins or avid collectors. We treat our customers as individuals and try to provide quality books and personal service at a fair price. We promise to respect the privacy and dignity of our customers at all times. Honesty is important to us and all material is guaranteed. 

We believe that keeping high-quality vintage books in circulation helps to preserve history and tradition, helps to bridge ideological divides, and helps to keep our planet clean by reducing waste. As secondhand booksellers, we are proud to do our small part in spreading knowledge, encouraging respectful discourse, and caring for the environment.

We are grateful to all those who support our small, local business! As a way of sharing our gifts with others, we donate a portion of our proceeds to helping needy people and animals in our local community. Organizations we have supported in the recent past include The Humane Society of Greater Dayton, the Saint Vincent de Paul Society, and many more.

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